Finding Employment As A Masseuse

Working in the service sector can be tough. There is always competition for a few coveted jobs, the pay might be good or really bad depending on your place of employment, and machines are increasingly taking the place of the workers. Thankfully, some jobs still require the skilful hands of human beings. A masseuse is the ultimate in jobs that require a human touch. After being trained as a masseuse, where are you going to be employed? Here are a few tips:

New Age Tech Companies

Surprisingly, many new companies that cater to and employee millennials have an in-house masseuse as part of the perks of being employed in a non-traditional work environment. It is also a pragmatic solution to a problem that plagues desk-job workers: back pain. Being seated at a desk for hours at a stretch, tapping away at a computer and getting little to no rest or exercise leads to long term nerve and spinal issues. To save them a visit to the osteopath Singapore, many companies hire a masseuse who can set up a table and chair in a small room and help the employees to relax a bit so that they go back to their job a little less stressed and more energized.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

In special practices with a congregation of orthopaedic surgeons and other musculoskeletal specialists, you sometimes find masseuses and therapists who practice physiotherapy because that is an integral part of recovering from bone damage. Even a sprain won’t realistically heal properly without care and specialist exercise, but bigger problems like operations, fractures and others require heat therapy, specialized massages and hydrotherapy, some of which is carried out by a trained and qualified masseuse. You can also study further and become a licensed physiotherapist.

Hotels and Resorts

Wellness spas, hotels and resorts always hire a masseuse for their guests because herbal massages and treatments are part of holistic medicine. This requires slightly more massage experience and technical knowledge than from the average massaging diploma, but can be a lucrative job if you land it. Unfortunately, these jobs are also very hotly contested and therefore in high demand. They also come with a slight risk factor from guests who expect “happy endings”; be ready to defend yourself if necessary.


This is harder to pull off, especially since you will have to cart around your oils and other paraphernalia, but some masseuses also go it alone. They advertise online or in the phone book and make house calls, especially for elderly clients who may be unable to make the journey down to a clinic. Some others set up in their own homes and take in clients, but this requires licenses as a place of business. If you are adventurous and think self-employment is a good fit, this option is the best fir for you.