Month: January 2018

Do You Know Everything About Being An Interior Decorator?

Have you received compliments for your taste in interior design? Do you have the love for decorating and positioning furniture? Are your answer yes? Then, you definitely consider a career path in interior designing. Even though it maybe appealing this industry is always facing challenges everyday. So if you still wish to go forth regardless of the challenges, here are a few things that should be in mind about interior designing.

 A decorator or designer?

Being a decorator or designer is not the same. The main difference is that to be a designer you must have a recognized education in the decorating industry. The education will open doors many interior design companies as well. A decorator can get into the industry by being able to play with colours, fabrics and furniture and just by printing a few business cards.

 The love for design

Being able to play around and have a flair for fabrics and colours is not enough. Receiving compliments for your interior designing is also not adequate if you don’t have the passion for designing. So if you have the passion for it, pursue it.

 Is it all-fun?

Being able to mix and match fabrics will not do any good if you don’t have the education about the history, spatial concepts, CAD (computer-aided drawing) and many other things. Not only do designers need to know how to household designing but even other aspects such as commercial interior design.

 Salary perks?

You can dictate the rate that you get paid depending on the educational background and the exposure to the industry. The more experience you gain means that you can negotiate your rate. However, if you make the mistake of working for a furniture company instead, don’t expect to make a lot of money.

 Being a people person

As a designer you should be an open and friendly person that your client can speak to with ease. You will definitely come across a few picky clients however; if you don’t handle tricky customers you might not learn how to fulfil your future customers’ requirements.

 A portfolio

They say that a picture captures what the eye cannot. Pour out your talent on to paper and try to take your client into that room when they look through your portfolio. Don’t forget to learn from the best by researching the best designers and their work.

 Virtual designing

With the development of technology you can even telecommute with your clients. You maybe living in Singapore and your client might be residing in England. Thanks to tools such as Skype and design software, virtual designing in now a reality.

 Local laws and codes

The reason why you should pursue an education in this particular industry is not only because you will be able to learn in and out of designing. Learning the laws and codes will be important just to ensure that the entire project will run smoothly.

 It’s all about the client

Don’t forget that to be the best, you must always focus on your client. Focus on the client’s style and bring out their dream designs into life.

 So, do you think that you have what it takes to be an interior designer? Well, then good luck!